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Usability testing is an important aspect of the website and application development. Various usability testing tools are available to ensure that you provide a better user experience. It helps you perform user testing and helps you to understand how a user interacts with your design.

There are many usability testing tools available nowadays which offer you with many options. Some of these are free, while others are paid. To help you find the best usability testing tools, here is a list of 10 best usability testing tools that can help you in your web development endeavor.

1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another popular name in usability testing. It helps you to find answers to some of the most popular questions like:

  • Where do people get stuck?
  • What’s making your visitors leave?
  • Where do they want to go?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Which design works for you?
  • Where users click on your website?

Using this tool you can find out the heatmaps of your website and find out where the users click on your website. This can then help you to properly place your call to action buttons thereby also enhancing your conversions. Confetti provides some useful insights like search terms, visitor sources, and other such websites. The scrolling map helps you to get an idea of how far has the user scrolled on your website. You can also try different ideas and get an idea of what works for your website with the help of conversion tracking.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely is an amazing usability testing platform which allows its users to track visits as well as conversions. It makes use of machine learning to provide you with better results. Apart from website usability testing, you can also perform testing for mobile apps, TV apps, and full stack apps as well. It offers its users with many features like cross-browser testing, mobile website testing, geotargeting, visitor segmentation, and multivariate testing. Here you can check what works for your website and what doesn’t. Here you can also compare different versions of your website and get an idea of which version gets the most number of clicks. You can use Optimizely for free for 30 days, but to keep it using in future, you need to pay a small fee. Many well-known organizations like IBM, IGN, Microsoft, etc. use it.

3. Five Second Test:

Five Second Test is an online usability testing tool that can help you to optimize the website by enhancing the clarity of the website. This is done by measuring the first impression of any visitor of a website. Here you need to submit a screenshot or mock-up of the page with a question about the functionality or design, and then a quiz needs to be answered. It requires only 5 seconds to conduct the test. Based on the answer to what they remembered, you can decide if your website is designed or not.

You can use it for free to test your website. To access more features, you need to use the Pro Plan.

4. Usabilla

Usabilla offers many packages to the users to conduct usability testing of the website. With the help of live user feedback, you are provided with certain reports like click heatmaps, exit surveys, mobile feedback, targeted feedback forms, and feedback widgets. This can help you get an insight into the minds of the website towards your website. You can also get feedback via emails. It can be tried for free for 14 days.

5. TryMyUI

TryMyUI is another amazing tool which helps you to test your website with anonymous users or with their pool of candidates. You can also watch how different users use your website. This can help you to get an idea about the improvements that you need to implement on your website. It also lets you set up a specific test and pick a target user. You can perform mobile testing, mouse clicks, keystrokes, video screen caps, voice-over commentary with written feedback, and a system usability questionnaire on these websites. You can try it for free and also use the monthly subscription.

6. ClickHeat

ClickHeat is an open source tool that can help you to display heatmap results and display the hot and cold click zones. With the help of JavaScript, you can track the clicks and thus generate the heatmaps. It is available for free and needs to be deployed on the web servers. A plugin is also available for the WordPress users.

This helps get the data from the real users about what is happening on their website.

7. Clixpy

Clixpy is the website analysis tool which can be used to record different user movements like scrolling, clicking, hovers, text entry, etc. These are recorded in the form of videos which can be viewed later. It is done by embedding JavaScript code into the website. Based on the behavior of the users, the website can be optimized.

8. Ethnio

Ethnio is a JavaScript UX research recruiting, user research recruiting, and usability recruiting tool that can be used to conduct user research and testing. You need just to enter a JavaScript code into your website, and you can access the result on different platforms as well. The survey can also be displayed in the form of screener on your website and with email, social media, and targeted ads as well. The users can take the survey, and you will be alerted about the same. Then you can conduct the test remotely.

9. Chalkmark

Chalkmark is an online screen testing tool where the first impression of the design and screenshots are tested thereby helping you enhance the conversion rates. Various elements like navigation and terminology are tested to accomplish the task on your website. The users need to upload the test image after which the program makes the survey link. Then you can use the link to take the survey where a short description is provided. Then proper research is undertaken, and heat map is also generated. The reports can also be downloaded as PDF file.

10. Feng-GUI

Feng-GUI is a website that can be used to create amazing visuals. Here you can get instant feedback on your devices where the algorithms are employed that mimic the actual user to generate eye track studies. Here you are generated with the heatmap report, gaze plot report, opacity report, aesthetics report, areas of interest report and other such reports. To analyze this, you need to insert the image or the link to the website.


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